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Dream Made Reality: 1 - The Start of Addiction

By Nour93, Feb 17, 2015 | |
  1. Hi all & welcome to my blog.

    Here I will tell the story of how I fell in the love with bikes, how I came to own my first bike and subsequent events onwards. Hope yous all enjoy.

    Anyway this is how my tale begins...
    The year was 2009
    I was 16 & a bit. Living in NSW. I was still attending school. I did have a part time job working in an IGA at the time for some extra cash, it was boring as hell but when its cash flow, you cant really complain at that age.
    I had had my car learners for a little while now but there were 3 problems..
    1) My Dad was driving me up a tree whenever I was in the Drivers seat
    2) I still had to wait ages before I could get my P's and afford my own car
    3) I wanted to be able to get around without the need of Public Transport (because who wants that hell) or hassling my dad every time.
    Looking into this matter, I found that at my age I could get my Rider L's & ride wherever I needed to.
    it seemed the convenient option more than anything.
    I mean, a $20 tank of gas would get me almost the same K's as a car.
    the money needed would get me a somewhat respectable bike where as it would get me a shitbox of a car.
    and being the 16 year old I was, I thought it'd look cool to be on a bike.
    but best of all, no dad to twitch & spasm every time I even blinked while driving.
    now I just needed to convince my dad & find a bike...

    It took a solid week for my dad to finally see the sense in letting me get a bike. being the caring father that he still is, he didn't want me on something so unsafe, and I will admit, I was a bit nervous too. I would be very exposed after all, and I lived in an area that led to a highway no matter where I wanted to go, with a lot of trucks around.
    it took a solid day of research to find the bike I wanted.
    The Kawasaki Ninja 250R
    enough power to keep me happy, it was comfortable, cheap & had great reviews, and I wont lie, it looked pretty sexy to a 16 year old.
    I booked in the course for 3 weeks later which was to be done over 2 days.
    at this point in time I still thought of getting a bike for convenience more than anything but I still went and shopped around. I remember the pushy salesman who tried to get me to jump on a full sized Hyosung when I walked in despite the fact that I was more lying down then I was seated on the damn thing, and it was out of my price range. I walked out the door in the middle of his long winded speech about the features. to this day I still hate Hyosungs because of him.

    Fast forward 3 weeks...

    The morning came & my dad dropped me off at the training facility wishing me luck. it was a sunny day which was good but I walked in with nerves to spare now that the time had come to actually ride one of these things.
    After the initial round of compulsory "Hi, my name is.." from everyone, we listened to an hour long speech from the instructor about the dangers of riding and some of the things that could go wrong on a bike (none of which made me feel any better about riding one) and then took us out to get acquainted with each of the little toys (they were 125cc bikes and looked older than my dear old nan)
    as the sun rose higher we finally got sit on the bike and turn them on. He asked us to do a few exercises such as moving through gears, finding neutral & finding the friction point of the bike until it became instinctual. When that was done, he told us we would start riding off. The time had come, too soon, and my heart had started beating faster. I was on the end so I knew that I would be either first or last to take off, and dear god was I hoping it was the latter.
    Thank god it was and I watched as everyone started to ride off one by one and then it was my turn. As I went to take off I let the clutch out, my fingers relaxing out and stopping right at the point where it had previously stopped over and over again during the day, it seemed my hand had memorized the location of the friction point.
    I say “my hand” and not “me” because my brain was busy being stuck.
    the bike started to roll forward, I pulled my legs up, let the clutch out the rest of the way and started to build up speed when something clicked...
    my fears, my nerves, my worries were suddenly swept away with the wind passing through me
    this was easy! this was awesome! this was heaven! THIS felt so NATURAL!
    A smile slowly spread across my face and remained in place
    I was in love from the word go! I never wanted to get off! I wanted to keep riding & riding!

    everything the instructor asked us to do was so easy. it felt like the bike was just another part of my body, I leant in just the right way, listened to the engine to move through the gears.
    And when the guy in front of me suddenly stacked it, I immediately knew what to do and zipped around him, almost like it was rehearsed.
    the instructor pulled me up midway through the day and asked me "Have many years have you been riding?"
    "None" I replied
    he got a confused look on his face & asked "So how many times have you ridden a motorcycle?"
    I looked at him and said "umm, including today? once."
    it took a while before he would believe that I really hadn't ridden before and that it WAS my first time.

    When the day ended I could barely remember stepping back into the car. i felt like I was coming off a high and I was ready for another hit. The next day I couldnt wait to jump on again & again it felt like a hit of purest heroin
    I passed the course. to me, it wasn’t about convenience anymore, or looking cool, or what was cheaper. I wanted to ride and keep riding forever

    now I was raring for my own bike...

    To Be Continued


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