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Different mentality

  1. Sorry about how blurry this is but I took it to demonstrate the different mentality to bikes over here. View attachment 21861

    What you see there is a bike overtaking a line of traffic on the wrong side of the road. If cars come the other way, all will make room for each other. No problem and it's another car out of the traffic.

    In Australia, there would be agro. If it were caught on camera it would become a national media incident and a task-force would be setup to catch the guy.

    We know this because that is exactly what happened with the guy in Brisbane with the BBQ.

    Oh and BTW, the van sitting in the background is a Police van. There are cops sitting in the back of it, just to make sure no-one does anything stupid.

    Australia really needs to start looking at itself differently.


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  1. Hotchips
    Absolutely correct. As loud as our Pollies scream about how everything they do road related is for safety the reality is far different. Laws and the application of the law is purely a revenue driven exercise. A fine example of this is selecting locations for radar traps that are for maximum revenue - where the speed posted is lower than the road conditions. NEVER do you see traps at known blackspots.
  2. Turrawan
    here here. Our draconian system is based on politics. Sleight of hand so to speak. Lets market we are saving lives but in effect they are collecting fines.