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Day 4 Tuesday 27th September

Morwell VIC to Melbourne CBD via Phillip Island
  1. We were all up bright and early this morning to meet PompyPompy at Yarragon Bakery, he kindly offered his time to lead us on some of his familiar roads to get to Phillip Island. Now, we were expecting today to be fun because we were going to Phillip Island to see jonnymacjonnymac on the track with the newly built fundraiser track bike (say that 5 times fast! :joyful:). What we did not expect was to get there in such an amazing manner.

    PompyPompy led the way to the outskirts of Yarragon (felt like 2 streets) then we began what was a stupendous 2 hours of beautiful sunny riding through South West Gippsland. Rolling green hills, picturesque farms, cows and more cows, a few sheep, lots of stunning trees that would arch over the road to create tunnels of beauty. I had to keep telling myself to stop looking at the view and concentrate on the road as the riding itself was challenging but in the best way, well kept roads with some tight corners and twists. In hindsight I wish we stopped for photos but the riding was too good to ruin the moment. If you want to visualise this place just pretend you have walked into an episode of Escape to the Country. Thanks for such a grand tour Grant.

    We arrive at Phillip island and it is all a little exciting! I have never been to a track and was not expecting to be able to get so close. We park our bikes and go find jonnymacjonnymac's garage. We spend the next couple of hours hanging with John's lovely family, PSYKCPSYKC and chillibuttonchillibutton. This day can't get better :woot::snaphappy::woot::snaphappy:. Thank you for inviting us to share part of your day and watch you ride that precious bike that has such meaning for many of us here on netrider.

    PompyPompy then leads us out to enjoy some more of his rolling hills of adventure and this time we are accompanied by chillibuttonchillibutton and PSYKCPSYKC on one of her first rides after getting her duchess back. The ride itself was beautiful, the weather not so much, we have started to get used to the weird weather patterns but still made the silly mistake of not putting on our wet weather gear, It gets very cold very fast too. We pull over for a short break before parting ways with PompyPompy. Poor PSYKCPSYKC is visibly shivering hard from the cold. We push on to the next petrol stop were we all partake in warm beverages and have a little rest/warmup/chat. PSYKCPSYKC can be found inside during this entire time hugging a pie warmer trying to restore some body heat. I look back and think what an idiot I was, I had all my luggage on the bike with long shirts and a jumper I could have given you :banghead: sorry lovely!

    We are now up to the hardest part of our day. We say our good byes to our new friends and make our way via the motorway to the CBD to find our accomodation. We enter the city at the worst possible time of about 5:30pm on a weeknight. We find our hotel easily enough, it's on the right, no problem we will just take the next right turn when possible. Possible is about 15 minutes up the road as each set of light says no right turn and the streets are jam packed with cars and no one is moving much. We turn right, then go to turn right again to do the block and go back to the hotel. 69SIM69SIM 's bike stalls without reason (later we found out it was an idling issue). He gets off the bike and pushes it across the street manually. I follow and we turn to see where hornethornet is, he is still at the turn not moving. Hmmmmm, Simon runs over to see if he is ok, his battery is dead (the bikes of course). hornethornet wheels his bike off the road too! I'd just like to point out that we were surprised at how well mannered all the cars around us were during this time. If we were in Sydney CBD about 10 cars would have almost run us over to gain the 10 metre space needed to manoeuvre the bikes around the corner. Anyways hornethornet calls on netrider for help and lo and behold many people are willing to come to his rescue (love you longtime netrider). 69SIM69SIM's bike starts up and is working again, hornethornet reassures us he will be fine and we should continue to make our way to the hotel. We move on. We finally get there. it has taken 1 hour to circle the block!
    I have learned a valuable lesson from this. When touring stay outside of a CBD area and If that can't be helped then pick a hotel which will be on your side of the road on entry to the area.

    We look at the time and missed messages from the lovely BeeBee who has been kind enough to organise a group netrider meet up for a 7pm Dinner in our honour and realise there is no way we will make it on time, we don't even know the state of hornethornet's bike and how long it will take to sort out (we are feeling freaking stressed out right now) all 3 of us are super drenched from being rained on for a solid hour on the motorway. We let BeeBee know we are going to be late and we will keep everyone posted sorry!

    About 10 minutes later we get a call from hornethornet with fantastic news. cjvfrcjvfr has come to the rescue, sorted the bike out and they are on their way to the hotel. hornethornet runs to his room gets changed and we all are to be chauffeured to the netrider dinner by cjvfrcjvfr What a bloody champion!

    We arrive at the dinner 40 minutes late but on a high, what a day I can't believe we are here :)
    It was wonderful to see some familiar faces and meet many new faces and have a great time talking to you all.
    Shout out time:
    BeeBee NedNed cjvfrcjvfr Lazy LibranLazy Libran NucleaticNucleatic specspec SpiritechSpiritech DonJuanDonJuan GoldenberriGoldenberri goddiegoddie
    and all partners :)

    We head to BeeBee's apartment block for birthday cake in cjvfrcjvfr's honour. Yum, damn that girl can bake!
    I am in charge of helping BeeBee get the cake and beverages from the fridge in her apartment with some of the other girlies too, we all know this mission is bulls**t, the real mission is to drool over her shoe collection, which we all do without hesitation :love::love::love: I say hi to one of the trust fund bunnies and we head back to the mob waiting for CAKE!

    At the end of the evening cjvfrcjvfr chauffeurs us back to the hotel where we collapse in a heap exhausted! Puurraise the Lord tomorrow is an allocated rest day! perfect timing.

    Here is a link to 69SIM69SIM's blog of day 4 if you are interested in the route and kilometres travelled and different pics.

    Victorian Trip Rundown - Day 4 | Netrider - Australia's Best Motorcycle Community





    This next pic was a sneaky present from BeeBee she gave us at the end of the evening. They were delicious. They all survived and served there life's purpose (to be eaten) over the course of the following 2 days, except for 2 that deconstructed themselves in my tank bag. Tasty crumbs though. Thanks again BeeBee
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  1. Valvoline
    Sounds just like a day you want to relive and relive again! :)
    1. Sibi
      Ha! Maybe leave out a couple of parts and I would say yes :)
  2. Pompy
    Was glad to be a part of the day, and glad you enjoyed it, I did too(y)
      Sibi likes this.
  3. Jeffco
    you seem to have a knack for it looking forward to day five :)
      Sibi likes this.
  4. XJ6N
    It would have been pretty miserable when both the bikes wouldn't go in the middle of Melbourne but it makes for good storytelling drama now! What a day for everyone!
      Sibi and 69SIM like this.
  5. Jeffco
    What an excellent write up :)
      Valvoline, Sibi and 69SIM like this.
    1. Sibi
      Thanks I was finding it hard to tell a story casually, I'm more of a point by point person. Blogging doesn't come naturally.