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Day 3 Monday 26th September

Bombala NSW to Morwell VIC via the Bonang
  1. Well this morning is sunny and 1.2 degrees :eek:
    We beg our Hotel host to not cook us a big brekkie after our huge amazing meal the night before. We all opt for toast, jam, tea and coffee, then hit the road.

    Ride towards Delegate and start the Bonang Hwy which will take us into Victoria. 105km of uninterrupted twisties within a state forest. We are all looking forward to this!

    The first half was definitely a challenge for us, there was a lot to focus on besides our lines through the corners, inconsistent road surfaces, pot holes, dead wombats/wallabies, slippery mossy patches, fallen branches and throw in 15 km of dirt. We stopped about half way through at a rest area. The forest is beautiful and I imagine if the conditions were better we would have had a great flow through those corners. The second part was fantastic to ride, clear of debris/roadkill and everything else. Really fun and we could really get some speed and flow happening.

    We refuelled at Orbost then moved on to Lakes entrance for lunch. We knew ahead of time that this part of our trip was going to be difficult due to to time constraints. The rest of the days riding was very boring as we took the princes hwy to get us to Morwell by evening. At one stage 69SIM69SIM thought he would let the GPS show us a scenic route to Sale. OMG! We saw about 50kms of straight roads with about 4 corners, literally straight, not even a slight bend every now and then. It led us in a big square. We saw massive amounts of sheep as far as the eye could see. One lovely part was you could see a 360 degree view of the horizon. Every direction you faced there was a different weather pattern happening in the sky. Crazy. No tall buildings to obstruct the scenery.

    Made it to Morwell by about 5:30pm. We stayed at Top Pub (Morwell Hotel) which was very nice. Parked our bikes directly outside our rooms.

    hornethornet at this stage decided he couldn't look at his dirty bike any longer and took it down to the carwash. Yes of course it rained heavily that night.

    We had dinner at the bistro on site which was Yum. I had spaghetti meatballs and salad and a glass of wine :hungry:

    Was looking forward to tomorrow. Our Phillip Island Day!

    Here is a link to 69SIM69SIM's blog of day 3 if you are interested in the route and kilometres travelled.
    Victorian Trip Rundown - Day 3 | Netrider - Australia's Best Motorcycle Community

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