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Day 2 Sunday 25th September

Nowra to Bombala NSW
  1. Kick started a beautiful sunny day with a walk to Hyper Hyper coffee in Nowra. Amazing Coffee for those going through the area. On walking back to our motel we see the infamous hornethornet waiting for us nice and early. We quickly finish getting ourselves organised and all head out to meet Mr FlibbleMr Flibble down at Bodalla Dairy Shed for Brunch.

    Afterwards he leads us on some nice bits of road without many cars at all. In fact we are all commenting on how little traffic we have been encountering this whole morning. Then the day turns on us and the rain goes from light to heavy and stays looming over our heads so we pull over and get our wet weather gear on as it doesn't seem to want to go away and we still have many riding hours left in the day. First time I've tried to put the wet weather gear on whilst its raining down on me and I'm already wet. It feels like it takes ages. Finally we are ready (well everyone else was ready and just waiting for me :rolleyes:). Mr FlibbleMr Flibble doesn't even flinch he was born ready! Doesn't need any extra layers, just sitting in the rain waiting and giggling at us.

    We decide to skip the mini detour we were planning to do in Tilba Tilba and continue through to Bermagui instead, have a coffee and hope the rain dissipates. It does calm down but remain overcast which is fine, the roads dry with perfect timing as we come upon a lovely set of twisties heading to Tathra. We head to the Tathra wharf look out and get a random passerby to take a shot of us all windswept and interesting.
    It was so incredibly windy that I had trouble standing my bike up off its side stand. But what an amazing place. Will definitely be back :)

    Down to Bega we go and start our journey inland into Mr FlibbleMr Flibble's playground. You lucky lucky man. What a marvellous area to live in. Beautiful winding roads through Candelo then we hit Mt Darragh Rd and I'm in heaven.

    About 30 mins out of Bombala as the suns is dropping from view we pull over and see that Mr FlibbleMr Flibble is finally at the point of needing warmth. He dons an extra layer and we continue on our last leg of the days journey. It's proper cold now.

    Arriving at Bombala Imperial Hotel was relieving. We parked our bikes undercover out the back and where lead into the pub area by the owner Steve who was so welcoming. Inside was warm and inviting. We stripped off all the heavy layers. Grabbed some drinks and toasted our first successful day all together.

    Said bye and thank you to our wonderful ride leader for the day. Settled into our rooms and then had an
    amazing meal of juicy scotch fillet steak with prawns garlic butter sauce, chips and salad times 3.

    Thanks Mr FlibbleMr Flibble <3

    Here is a link to 69SIM69SIM's blog of day 2 if you are interested in the route and kilometres travelled.
    Victorian Trip Rundown - Day 2 | Netrider - Australia's Best Motorcycle Community

    EDIT: I forgot to mention I scraped my boot (first time) on Mt Darrugh and lost my chicken strips !!!





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  1. Valvoline
    Go Mr FlibbleMr Flibble !! :) how awesome for you to escort them.
  2. Senator17
    Scraped left boot or right boot?
    1. Sibi
  3. Senator17
    Loving the BLOG, but I miss Roadkill too, where is she now?
  4. GeorgeO
    I miss RoadKill now. Hope he's not hitting the bar......
    1. Sibi
      yeah I miss that lil nut job too
    2. 69SIM