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Day 1 Saturday 24th September

Home (Western Sydney) to Nowra
  1. A wonderful opportunity presented itself to us that is not so likely to happen again anytime soon, to head off for 9 days on our motorcycles for an adventure. We hesitated for 5 seconds then said HELL YEAH ....where to?
    Great Ocean Road is on our list and was doable in that time frame. So decision was easy! The only negative was I was still on my Provisional license so we would have to be extra careful in unknown territory (we heard the Vics book you for 1km over the speed limit :nailbiting:) and I'm due to get my full license in early December.

    This first day was simply to give us a head start to get out of Sydney, and help keep down the Km's for day 2. An opportunity to test the GPS out and ride easy to get into cruise mode for the trip.

    As we are about to get ready and head out of the house we get a message from chilliman64chilliman64 that he and Andrew WestAndrew West will escort us out of Sydney so we meet up for a quick lunch at Macca's Eastern Creek then ride together for a short while before they ditch us for the Nasho run, the day was sunny and glorious so who could blame them! It felt wonderful to have friends tag along just to say Hi! have a great trip, so thanks guys :)

    We stopped a few times on our way to Nowra, for bum breaks, look outs and pictures, also to play with the GPS. Arrived at our Motel which was the George Bass Motor Inn. The receptionist was so lovely she let us store the bikes in their lock up garage. We settled ourselves in then went walking to grab some dinner. I can highly recommend Perfect catch seafood located on the left before the bridge if heading south. Delicious grilled barramundi, chips and salad.

    Once we got back to our rooms and hit the showers it started raining heavily outside. It only lasted the evening thankfully. Nice start to the trip.

    Here is a link to 69SIM69SIM's blog of day 1 if you are interested in the route and kilometres travelled.
    Victorian Trip Rundown - Day 1 | Netrider - Australia's Best Motorcycle Community




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