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Commuting begins Monday.

  1. So I've had a work car for the past 4 months as I've been acting up while we're employing a new EO.
    We've employed them, and their start date is this coming Monday so it looks like from there on out I'll be commuting via bike as my only form of transportation!

    I expected to have at least one more week before this would become a reality, so I'm finding myself scratching around trying to find a bag I can strap to my bike and keep water out of for my lunch/wet weather gear.

    We have a family cage, however my Wife uses that to commute to/from her work and drop our Son at school/pick him up so it will be the bike for me.
    I am very excited, and glad I've had a month or so's practice before this all became a reality.

    Things I still need:
    • Rack pack/backpack for gear
    • Waterproof jacket
    • Tie down straps for backpack
    I think that's it. Exciting!


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