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Clutch slip now engine won't start NTV650

By Bikes, Oct 10, 2013 | | |
  1. Hello Everybody,

    I bought a NTV650 it has a lot of k's but it was running well apart from a slipping clutch and the fact that the front break wasn't lighting up the break light so i was always concious to evenly break as i had previously been a front break kinda rider apart from on dirt of course. Anyway the problem started today.

    I was on my way out and as i turned onto the main road i pulled the clutch geared up to 2nd and then there was a dead moment when i realeased the clutch and nothing happened then all of a sudden it sort of sputtered and went. It then started making a ticking noise and ii was in peak hour traffic so i was just trying to get off the road but it died before i had the chance. Now it will not start.

    It is quite an old bike just wondering where i should start looking. I have the manual which shows how to do an overhaul but if i know where i should start looking for answers i can order parts asap i would really appreciate any advice.

    Just moved to Perth so haven't got any of my old riding buddies to ask i would really like the communities help on this one.

    I have become very attached to my bike and would like to get her up and running again.

    Thanks for reading =D


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  1. PistonBroke
    You seem to have 2 problems here.

    You need to replace the clutch. It could be adjustment but I doubt it. You need to pull the cover off (drain oil first) and replace the clutch plates which are fibre and metal - one of each. It is held on by 5 10 mm bolts under tension by springs. There should not be a need to pull the clutch basket off. If you do you will need a large socket 30 - 34 mm and a tool to hold it whilst you remove the nut. Bugger of a job without that tool and the basket is delicate so be careful.

    Then you have the motor issue. I can't say much based on the into. Certainly 2 separate jobs. The ticking noise I would draw you out on if you want' advise on what happenned to the motor.

    Workshop manual are very handy. Study it before the job. Read and re read. When yo come to start set out your area carefully. Take photos if needed. Careful you don't stuff the gasket getting the cases off or have a new one ready.

  2. Bikes
    Thank you I have now made a forum in garage section

    enjoy your weekend
  3. TOH89
    I dont have any experience about clutch slip as well as no idea about shops and mechanics in Perth.
    But if you get this on to discussion forum should there be some one who knows things and you could use some help.