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Close but no cigar

Hope for the best, plan for the worst.
  1. After a late night on the town, i dragged myself out of bed under the assumption that today's weather was going to be horrible. Typical BOM changed their mind and decided that there would be a chance of showers as opposed to an apocalyptic storm.


    It was business as usual for most of the ride to Sorrento. With the occasional twisty and surge of the throttle. I was feeling confident I had allowed enough time for sightseeing but at Safety Beach I realised that id be 10-20 minutes late. The crosswind at Safety Beach was powerful and unexpected but nothing a little blip of the throttle couldn't fix.


    I arrived at Sorrento with not a ferry in sight, but being the only one there gave me a good photo opportunity. I went for a walk in the brisk wind and hopped on the ferry at 3 o'clock.


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    Self taught mechanic and dreamer
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  1. BradHidding
    Gots to love the spada. Recently sold mine. Regretting it already. Your spada looks nice and neat
    1. gre03
      Thanks Brad, it's getting service at the moment but they've hit a few snags :(
    2. BradHidding
      Like what? I found my spada a little difficult to work on due to age but accessability was great.
    3. gre03
      well it turned out the rear tensioner was a tad wonky or something. the timing chain was loose compared to the front. we decided not to do anything yet as it's not catastrophic and too expensive to fix.