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China Singapore & Hong Kong

By ibast, Jul 13, 2015 | |
  1. China
    I haven’t been to China in the past couple of years, and it’s changing so fast, I won’t comment much. It appears to have gotten a lot more expensive and it makes me wonder if it’s worth visiting as a tourist. Although that should be balanced by the fact that a lot more regional areas are opening up to tourist. These are probably more culturaly authentic and a lot cheaper than the capital cities.

    Hong Kong
    Like Singapore many people have been there, but it warrants a bit more comment. The financial and tourist world has shied away from Hong Kong for a couple of decades. The result is it’s more Asian than it once was, but probably the better for it. It’s certainly worth visiting and I could live here for a period of time. It would be a great jumping off place for the region.


    Most people know Singapore, so I won’t comment much. It’s clean, organized and safe. Unlike some Asian nations it I developed enough to have modern museums and galleries. Food is obviously a big thing, but (as everyone knows) it’s not a cheap place. I could live there, but only for a limited time, as I couldn’t do apartment living long term. It’s worth a few days visit. I could live here if the pay was high enough


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