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Ride Days

  1. Putty in my hands

    Last night, after checking the weather, I planned my route to Putty Road, committing the directions to memory because today, for the first time ever, I had the day off and could go riding.

    Never have I been so lucky, and as I'd only ever been on Putty once before, I was looking forward to going again. I also set out wearing my new set of leathers.

    I set off around 7am and loved that much of the traffic was heading in the opposite direction. My gear was comfy and it wasn't long before I...
  2. Let's take it for a spin - The Stripper debut!

    Here we are with my second ever blog entry.

    Firstly, let me introduce you to the "Stripper", my 2014 Triumph Triple R 675R.
    It's with 6,250km on the clock and sounds amazing. I'm still getting to know her, so my wife and I invited some friends and went out for a spin.
    On the 23rd October 2016 we went to Mannum - SA, from Adelaide through Birdwood and back via Princess Highway since it was getting dark when we came back.
    In the photo above, that's me and missus (far right)
    Again, at the far...
  3. Close but no cigar

    Hope for the best, plan for the worst.
  4. There were three in the bed, & the little one said...

    There were three in the bed, & the little one said...

    CaffeineMonster and another new NR peep, most adventurous to come out for a meet & greet on his beaut Firestorm - 1WDrive . Both were patiently waiting at the meeting point as I rolled into the car park fashionably late. :shy:

    Today didn't look all that promising when the posse of 3 rolled out of Nerang into the mountains. Mixed bag of vehicles on the road, and not being able to determine which place...
  5. Group Rides; an opinion

    Riding in a group needs another set of skills
  6. It's all in the planning

    It's my birthday this weekend and what better way to celebrate than a ride around the bay in a day...
  7. But if you're gonna have an adventure, you're gonna need a hero (Pt2)

    .....So after a quick hand-tighten of the mirror nut and a swig of juice we got back on the road.
  8. But if you're gonna have an adventure, you're gonna need a hero. (Pt1)

    (A journey of two halves. Apologies in advance for another epic. Single paragraph newsflashes for the rest of the month, K? ;))
  9. Long intro, call it a purge.

    I woke up this morning, at stupid 6am on a Saturday, with a sudden dose of life panic. My brain (which we call Brian. Don’t ask) had decided that the first lay-in day of the week would be the perfect time to shake me awake before daybreak and tell me all the things that I need to start getting on top of before I have to move house at the end of October. Because, like, its nearly the middle of August and then it’ll be the middle of September and before you know it…. Gee, thanks Brian, now I...
  10. #01 Day one on two wheels...

    Yesterday I rented a CBF250 from BikeScape on Parramatta Road and took my very first ride (after Pre-learners and a HART course at St Ives). Firstly a few laps around the back blocks of Annandale to get the basics top of mind again then back to Homebush for a quick coffee (and just in time to miss the rain shower which was perfect timing).

    Then loaded with caffeine and a few deep breaths I headed north through Eastwood, Macquarie Uni, Terry Hills, Mona Vale, the Avalon bends and the out...