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Other Stuff

  1. Brissie Class of 2016

    After a big week and a much needed early night, was up early this glorious SEQ morning. Up and at em' to stretch a new chain & sprockets up the M1 towards Brisvegas seaside to collect Colonel Coleman 's pelotón of newbie riders and their new bikes to play tail end. :emoji_grimacing:

    The weather couldn't get much better than that... welcome spring, welcome the endless summer :love:. The weather certainly puts you in a nice mood knowing that the days are getting longer and you can fit more...
  2. Finding the positives

    A late catch-up. 2/2
  3. Anticipation!


    After years of anticipations and searching for my new ride, I finally found it.

    My previous rides were all dirty bikes, the last one being a Husqvarna 250 (2 strokes) and I had fun with that until I decided to go to Australia and regrettably had to sell it.

    Once established here, I set my goal to return to two wheels, but in a totally different version, at least for me, Road Bikes.

    I was amazed with all the options available so I had to narrow down the choices. I kept my options...
  4. Celebrating "experience"

    Birth-days are a funny thing.
    People love them or hate them. They either celebrate them with oodles of gusto, or they pretend it doesn't happen of "it's just another day". It is a trend that I am inching closer to fully understanding; where the older people get, the less they want to know about it - AND let others know about it either! lol

    So instead of celebrating one extra candle on top of the cake, one year closer to your ...(insert year here)... why not simply celebrating it by...
  5. Mentoring moments

    Today I was going to get to meet up with one of Brisbane's known mentors, Colonel Coleman & his red rocket of a play bike. How exciting!
    I was so excited that I wet my pants... well...the rain on the way to the meeting point and me forgetting my wets did help that particular situation... but not sure what contributed the most. :D

    Soggy moggy or not, finally managed to meet the Coronel for a short lunch at Cafe Metz, Canungra before we took off up towards O'reillys. Prob the best road to...
  6. Kohiresa (Part Two)

    Part two of "The story of Kohiresa"

  7. Kohiresa (Part One)

    Part one of "The story of Kohiresa"

  8. 'Moving' meditations

    One of the things that I like about motorcycling is that it is something that you can do solo, with a group or a one on one, and sometimes even mix and match it as the day goes along. My solo rides generally turn into ridiculous amounts of dawdling and what I would say could look like a spaghetti bowl if I were to plot it on Google maps (especially if there is a bicycling race shutting down most the mountainous hinterland roads!). :sour:

    It’s generally these solo rides that make you more...
  9. Motorcycle Brotherhood on Display - A Tuono Saved by a Masked GSXR1000 Rider.

    Riding on the highway with the ocean as your vista is always a great way to travel.

    Well it is great if you don’t get harassed by a “wanna-be-if-they-could-be” so called ‘outlaw’ wanna be motorcycle riders.

    You know the type? It’s your American made motorcycle aficionado who only comes out on weekends wearing all kinds of paraphernalia announcing their support of said American motorcycle manufacturer.

    This type of rider is of the mistaken belief that they are tougher & harder than...
  10. Touring sadistics... I mean; Sta-tistics ;)

    There are 3 types of people in this world - those who can count, and those who can't.
    I'm in the latter. :rolleyes:

    Sadistics... oh! how I don't like thee....:wtf:

    Love or hate them, we all have to use them every day. And as I found, the tighter you are, the better you become at swaying maths your way and becoming ‘economical’. If I can save $30 off by buying this in eBay, I can then buy my other piece of bling!! :sneaky::whistle: We've all been there, done that.

    So here are some stats...
  11. The "warm human side of NR" - the worship roll call.

    I came on the NR scene around the 18-21st Feb 2016… and it became a love affair.... and then I (almost) monopolised the NR blog roll (SORRY!). :eek::unsure::shy:

    The blog was originally designed to put together some long term touring info for a short chick long term tourer on a bike not designed for touring – the KTM 390. This was because I couldn’t find enough info on other forums for this very specific topic. :ninja::bookworm:

    After that it morphed into helping me jot down & remember...
  12. Wrong thinking

    Having been away from bike ownership for a long time, I thought it would be fairly straightforward to jump on a bike and be away.
    I'd had a chance to ride bikes; other peoples'. But ownership and a few hours ride are very different. You don't have much of a chance to really get to know someone else's bike.
    Being fairly confident I could take it on again, my first few rides were easy enough.
    Then I started to notice changes in the way the bike felt under me.
    The bike liked to follow grooves...
  13. True blue Aussie...

    Well, there you go... I didn't know Aust had their own bike.Talk about an "Aussie" classy name.

    "Where the bloody hell are you?!... "
    "I'm going whoop whoop on the braaap luv"....
  14. I just bought my first motorbike - 1985 Honda VT 250F

    I bought my first bike on the ANZAC Day long weekend. I had to drive 6 hours to pick it up, from NSW to VIC. Its a 1985 Honda VT250F Integra. I've learnt a lot about this bike over the past month. As I mentioned in my first post, I'm a complete novice when it comes to motorcycles, so there was a fair bit of ground to cover.

    When I decided I was going to go through with my license, I started looking at bikes to ride. I started visiting motorcycle shops on weekends trying to educate myself....
  15. How I got into motorcycling at age 38

    People ride motorcycles for all different reasons. Some for the thrill, some for peace, others to reinvent themselves. Me, I've always been a car guy, and a very loyal car owner too. I've owned my current car for 10 years, and it runs perfectly. I have learnt to do most of the mechanical work myself, mostly with just the help of my workshop manual, and YouTube. I want it to last forever. I'm the type of guy who noticed other nice cars on the road. Motorcycles, never (until now).

    I just...