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By ibast, Jul 13, 2015 | |
  1. Cambodia

    Cambodia is how I would imagine Vietnam was 15 years ago. It’s still dragging itself out of conflict and poverty that devastated the country. Signs of this conflict are everywhere. Despite this, the people are lovely. They are also acutely aware of the importance that tourism plays in the future of their nation. You never feel like you are intruding in Cambodia. It’s cheap and the tuk-tuks will take you where you want and not expect a cent more than the fare. The range of local cuisine is a little limited at the moment. A country which is still struggling to feed itself is not so focused on culinary delights. That being said, there’s enough culinary interest for a few days visit. It’s just no Thailand, from a cuisine point of view. I’d happily recommend Camodia to tourists, but get there before it is spoiled. I could also live here for a couple years to support with humanitarian aid.


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