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Bugged Out on the Beemer

  1. Well since recently (March) re-joining the motorcycling community, and trading in the Bonny, I have now got my second bike, a new BMW R1200GS. I must admit I never thought I would fall in love again, but I have.
    I have done nearly 4000km in a short span of time and just can't get enough of it. Have toured with the wife travelling up the Pacific from Newcastle to Port Macquarie, onto the Oxley to Walcha, and then down Thunderbolts heading for home via Gloucester.
    It was on this trip that apart from the beautiful weather we had, one other memorable moment worth mentioning was when I dropped the bike with the misses on it. Fortunately we were stationary. We had just decended the mountain and around 20-30ks from Gloucester and I feel some movement around my left ear. At first I think no worries it's just a hair blowing about as I had the visor up. Then I realised a bug type of thing had found a good warm spot, uh oh! Then sure enough, it enters my ear whilst we're doing 100km/h, not good as it's hard to see clearly or concentrate whilst cross-eyed, and with the added noise of the little fellow banging my ear drum quite loudly.
    So I'm concentrating at 1000% looking for somewhere safe to pull up (nothing) so as I have had enough internal head abuse I pull up on the side of the road with a 12 foot embankment sloping down to my left.
    Off with the gloves and lid, but not the engine or Missus who I might add was demanding to know what the hell was wrong with me. Big mistake. As I'm shaking my head and banging my left ear to convince the bug he's not in a very comfy spot after all and to kindly piss off, my left foot slips out and down comes everything. Me, head first down the 12 foot embankment. The Missus, onto a very large thistle bush. The bike lying on it's side happily idling away (s*@t, bug still in ear).
    So I get back to the bike, turn it off, yell at the Missus to grab the bars and we proceded to lift the fully tour laden GS up, but forgot to ask the boss if she's ok (second big mistake as she spent some time picking thistle pins out of her behind). The bike was ok though, not even the slightest winge.
    So finally after releasing the bug from my ear (deceased) we continue into Gloucester where the first call was to the local hardware to purchase some ear plugs, followed by lunch, and the rest of the trip home.
    Morale of the story. If you are not listening to music via button type speakers because your Misses is along for the ride, I suggest ear plugs. That way, you won't hear anything you don't want to and nothing will bug you either.
    Safe riding all.
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  1. Gongboy
    Bought a new a BMW R1150GS a few years back & put 100,000K's on it before buying a R1150 RT. Rode it from Vic to WA then inland to ULURU & home; then up the East coast thru Daintree to Cooktown, Never missed a beat, Great Bike.
  2. Pjcliffo
    I have not spoken to my mrs for 3 months. She told me not to interrupt!
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  3. robsalvv
    Plugs for the win... unless you don't want to be able to hear the missus at all in time... lol