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Broken Leg

By Gooza, Oct 27, 2015 | |
  1. Took off for another weekends riding up to Bright with Ned and co. Another weekend of awesome roads and riding. While waiting to regroup at a nice sandy grassed riverside, thought I'd get us some playful practise on the grass. Big mistake. Lost control in the slippery stuff and dropped the bike, pinching my leg under the bike. Extracted self, and picked bike back up, and damn my leg was sore, even with a long boot on. It was twisted/jammed as I was still on the bike.

    So I TEC'd the remainder and limped back to Bright, another 2.5 hours ride. Then next day squeeze foot back into boot for the trip back to Melbourne.

    End result after X-rays. Both bones in my right leg fractured. They can't operate on me till the swelling goes down, so might be another week yet. So I am hospitalised with leg up and iced till further notice - poo

    Update Nov 2.

    Leg operated in this afternoon after a week at RMH, leg now in a plaster based back slab.

    Plate and 7 screws keeping my fibula aligned, another in the fibula joining the 2 pieces, and a long screw tying the tibia and fibula together whilst my ligaments heal up.

    Many thanks to NedNed BeeBee and jmcjmc for the visits. Much appreciated.

    I had my cousin visit as well, said I needed to stop the group rides. I have say I disagree.

    Update Nov 15. Been back to RMH, and had the back slab removed, stitches removed, and a nice new moon boot in its place.

    Fairy large looking wound on the side of the leg. Looks a bit like a Sunday roast.

    Update Dec 13.

    Finally, gingerly back on the bike. Still cant get my foot into the long boot, so into the shorty it is for now.

    Took son out to Kinglake this afternoon for a ride, warm it was. Reckon my ass has already got softer, was killing me the last 45 mins of the ride.

    Update Feb 01, 2016

    Went under a general yesterday and got the long screw removed from the leg holding the 2 bones together without complication. Still waiting for the ligaments to heal, another month or more for sure.

    Hopefully that's the end of the saga after next week when the stitches get removed.


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