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BMW Icicle Ride

By Gooza, Jul 11, 2015 | |
  1. Well, finally managed to get out on my own again for a ride without Bradley, the 35th Annual BMW Icicle Ride with some other Netriders on Saturday, 4th July.

    GreyBMGreyBM was leading the way for our group (and a key Ride Organiser). After a miserable day in lead up to the ride, conditions cleared up and it was a fantastic evenings riding.

    The group met at Little River, and from there led on a mystery ride around the back of Little River, Geelong and surrounds before heading down to the GOR.

    Then a stop at about 2/3rd way for Soup, Coffee and Presentations. Netrider taking out the most group participants by 1. Obviously I made all the difference :]

    Top night in the end, no rain, and Dave up front with new fangled LED lights that would light up a small city.

    The ride along the GOR was brilliant, no other cars on it at 10:00pm in the middle of Winter :]

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