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ojvstar's Blog

By OJVSTAR, Oct 10, 2013 | |

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Fiance just bought a scooter cause he has no vehicle and they cost less then chips to run. As much as i begged him other wise and offered my Yammy, he doesnt wanna be held responsible for any potential damage to my love. (Thats the bike lol) This weekend we may go for our first ride - Me (the woman) on her 650 bobber project, following closely my sexy man on his 70cc hehehe LOVE IT! Talk about greif from his work mates (his a mechanic) i might pimp it up, add some flames? Or a little...
Friday afternoon, havent been on the bike for 2 months due to broken arm.... woe is me! Finish work at 4, SO keen to hit an hour of pure blissful sunshine and take a ride out the back windy roads of Kyogle Northern NSW. Absolutley stunning... Gonna miss this place. Take a back road home.. I mean back road, houses are scarse, its a skinny road, lots of pot holes to keep your witts about you but a lovely ride. Enjoyed myself so much i ran the tank dry... I ran reserve dry!! What tha?...