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Battling Demons and Getting Twitchy

  1. So I've listened to so many people, received so much advice and I am grateful for it all. But the time is now approaching when I am finally twitching to ride further. I have wanted to feel confident in my abilities and I've fought with the Demons as to if something goes wrong - either with my riding or with the bike. So a service is being booked and hopefully not too far away. Meanwhile I practice some more in preparation.

    I had dinner with a friend last Friday night who gave me some further advice and, after discussing his tragic accident in which he lost his leg, broke 6 or 7 ribs, broke a section of his back, broke his collarbone and was classified as incurring brain damage, he didn't hold back in saying to me "If every time you get on, you are going to think about being killed or injured" then riding is not for you. This from someone who is working hard at rehab to get back on a modified bike and ride! He may as well have slapped me in the face. I don't consciously think about this but I have come to the conclusion that my subconscious is having a rather animated conversation back there. My Demons are chattering away like Madmen. It's time to silence the Demons!

    He also gave me some good suggestions about my practice on Beach Road, in carparks and best of all said to me "Are you practising around Albert Park Lake?" Gawd! It had never even occurred to me - duh! The speed limits might be 40kph and 50kph but it gives you some good cornering and leaning practice in, at least, a more controlled environment. There are still cars, there are still people everywhere, there are still tricky moments of turning into a narrow section with oncoming cars and parked cars either side, there are people walking dogs, sailing, playing football ... and it was a fabulous practice session I had on Sunday with another rider I met on Saturday at Netrider practice :) A big thanks to Joel who came along for the experience.

    There is so much to learn but it's time to believe in myself and face the Demons. One thing for sure, I will be visiting Albert Park Lake circuit again this week :)
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  1. Rus Ler
    OK, plan B, if Jet isn't up to the trip, DRIVE to Ararat, (wear your bike gear - other travelers will think you're the Stig) have a Saturday night of fun and fravolity with 6 other Netriders then jump on the back with me for the Ride to Remember and back home for tea.
    Now the question you need to ask yourself is " Can I handle an awesome weekend with other Netriders?
    And of course the only acceptable answer is "hell yeah"
    Saddle up and we'll see you Saturday - BTW your shout (y)
  2. Diantra
    Thanks Geoff but I know in my heart of hearts that is too much for me just now. I am planning a long ride (for me) this weekend though ... probably on my own but as you say, time to spread my wings. My bike is going in for servicing next week - new chain, oil change etc - I think I will feel better once all that is done. Meanwhile, no more excuses, intend to push myself out of my comfort zone this weekend. Was nice to meet another fellow Netrider and kudos to riding to Melbourne - especially in fog! Cheers, Dianne
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  3. Rus Ler
    Time to spread you wings Dianne, perfect opportunity this weekend in Ararat for the Ride to Remember, at least 6 of us Netriders are meeting up for this, couple of hours to get there on Saturday, you could meet up with Goldenberri for the ride across or some of us could meet you in Ballarat, ride on Sunday and be home for tea.
    Only way to learn is on the open road,on a 3000 km trip at the moment in NSW, can take your time to get to Ararat, relax then ride through Grampians on Sunday at your own pace - heaps easier than city riding will look forward to seeing you there
    Cheers Geoff