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Att Adelaide Riders

  1. Good day All,

    I looking for a place to setup some cones so riders can practice.
    I know how much it can help new riders because the guys in Melbourne helped me heaps.

    Once I find a place and have it setup I will post details on this post.

    If you are keen or want to recommend a good place to practice let me know.

    This will be for riders of all experience but only for riders that want to have fun helping help other or have fun learning with others.
    You are also welcome to come and just exchange stories and advice.

    This will NOT be for stunt training so if you want to practice wheelies, burnouts etc don't worry about coming it's not for you!

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  1. Memphis04
    I have found a location next to the river at Port Adelaide if you are keen let me know and I will send you the details.