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Adelaide SA
  1. Well!

    After years of anticipations and searching for my new ride, I finally found it.

    My previous rides were all dirty bikes, the last one being a Husqvarna 250 (2 strokes) and I had fun with that until I decided to go to Australia and regrettably had to sell it.

    Once established here, I set my goal to return to two wheels, but in a totally different version, at least for me, Road Bikes.

    I was amazed with all the options available so I had to narrow down the choices. I kept my options open a little bit but I knew I have a love for naked ( ;) ), but I kept test riding some cruisers, sports, etc.

    Until I test ride a Triumph 675. Love in first sight they say!

    But was too over my set budget, so I kept looking until yesterday (24/09/16). When I went to dealer here in Adelaide hoping to have a look or even test ride a KTM690, I saw a used Triumph 675, low kms and in pristine condition.

    After a little negotiation it was done deal. Since it was pouring rain here in Adelaide yesterday, I'll pick it up on Tuesday.

    This is the model but not the actual bike. Photos to come!


    About Author

    Originally from Brazil I found myself in two wheels since I can remember being able to walk. From bikes to motorbikes was a step I took when I got my driver's license.
    Dirty bikes was my "thing" back in the days. I did most trails over the weekend and then started with Enduro's competition (both regularity and rallies). The day has come that I moved Down Under and only now, after 9 years living in OZ, I have myself organized to buy a motorbike.
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  1. Senator17
    Congratulations on a great choice of bike and welcome to Netrider, Hope you enjoy the bike and have lots of exciting and safe adventures. Don't forget to post up some pics in the Introduce yourself thread.
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    1. ArmouredSprue
      Thanks mate!
      I'll certainly post heaps of photos, don't worry!