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Another of UG's rides with Bradley to the Chocolaterie = Bradley spat it.

  1. Last weekend took Bradley out for another of Uncle GregUncle Greg 's Saturday Rides. Ended up being quite a pleasant afternoon given the recent poor weather.

    Headed out the usual twisty route via Gembrook, Launching Place and Healesville, and across to Yarra Glen for Lunch at the Chocolaterie. Well, the place was bloody packed, no chance of getting confectionery, let alone lunch. So we bailed into Yarra Glen proper, whence Bradley spat the dummy. Took a swipe at Greg in his frustration at not getting to have chocolate. The boy has to learn it doesn't all go the way we hope, but it's also what I get for promising him stuff and then not delivering....

    We played TEC again, with Bradly most exited as we would catch the group through some of the bends and as we got closer to YG. He still doesn't quite understand the TEC concept, and that we must stay last :]

    Then I promised him a pie as we strolled in to the Bakery, only to have the last one gobbled up by Oz-rileys missus, so he had to settle for a Sausage Roll. Promise #2 not delivered. Day going down hill fast for him at this stage.

    So from YG, we headed home via Christmas Hills and Diamond Creek, before hitting the ring road to home.

    Brad settled once he was back in front of the PC and PS3, with a coke as a consolation prize.
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