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And I wonder why I'm single!?! ha ha ha

  1. So I meet this guy and he calls up wanting to see me, here's a rough outline of what transpires:

    Me: "Wanna come over and get all down n dirty with me?"
    Him: "Sh** yeah, I'll be there in 5!"

    Cool I think to myself, was wondering how I was going to achieve this by myself.

    He arrives:

    Me: "Check out the toys in my room, I've got some hot leather gear too"

    Never seen a guy grin so big, he must have the same passions as me!

    Me: "So you ready to get it on? Grab the lube"
    Him: "Where?"
    Me: "Right there with my toys and leathers"
    Him: "Where!?!"
    Me: "Do you want me to pull and you squirt?"
    Him: "Sounds good to me"

    What a great guy I'm thinking, ready to jump right in!

    Me: "Just let me change into something more appropriate and comfortable"
    Him: "Just make it black"
    Me: "No problem, things are a bit rusty so black is good"
    Him:"Won't be rusty when I'm finished with it"
    Me: "Excellent, I want to show it off next time I'm out with the guys"
    Him: "Wow, you're not shy are you?"
    Me: "Hey, if you got it, flaunt it"
    Him: "Sh** let's get this thing happening"
    Me: "Better rug up, it's a bit cool outside"
    Him: "Why we going outside? Are you into others watching?"
    Me: "Well I'm sure there'll be the occasional passerby but I doubt they'll think it's photo worthy"
    Him: "I reckon they would!"
    Me: "Jet's camera shy"
    Him: "Who's Jet?"
    Me: "Only the best ride I've ever had!"
    Him: "Hhhmmm, well what am I supposed to do while you're with Jet?"
    Me: "Grab his ass of course!"

    Silence ....

    Me: "I want to clean Jet's chain"
    Him: "Okay, never heard it called that before but I guess I'm up for it"
    Me: "Cool, then grab those cans and let's go"
    Him: "Oh f***!"

    Don't think he wants to see me again ... and he didn't even hang around to help clean my chain! I will never understand men - ppppfffttt!! ha ha ha
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  1. Diantra
    Thank you Rus Ler - I will take that as a compliment :)
      Rus Ler likes this.
  2. Rus Ler
    You have one wicked sense of humour :)
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  3. cruisin4abruisin
    Classic. Lol
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