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  1. Tracking my progress in prep for Motorcycle Operator Skill Tests...

    3 practice sessions in...
    1. Cone weave: still knocking down a cone or two, but usually only one each sweep through...
    2. U-turn: 50-50 in and out of the lines, but improving...
    3. Quick Stop: kinda okay, skidding the back out in the wet...
    4. Obstacle turn: slow speed ok, struggling to get it right at 20km..
    5. Left turn: kinda okay, hard to tell if I'm within the lines (might need a watcher)
    6. Stop in the box: okay, pretty happy I have this one..
    7. Head-checks: practice practice practice to make it a habit
    Next practice session 13 sept


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  1. hellcat
    hmmm... feedback from the NR boys was more about finding the friction point to make u-turn easier... and little more advice on obstacle turn.... progress to date:

    1. Cone weave: getting through without knocking any over more times than not (win)
    2. U-turn: without using friction point was doing okay, now trying it the right way; improvement needed
    3. Quick stop: tip, squeeze front brake; makes a difference and stopping so much shorter than before
    4. Obstacle turn: focused on right obstacle this week, 50-50 at 20km; hint given was to roll off as soon as I pass the markers and it made a huge difference!
    5. Left turn: still figure I'm doing okay with this one
    6. Stop in the box: still figure this is nailed
    7. Head-checks: really focusing on making this a habit, kept to the rule this week

    Next practice session 20 sept