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A Noob's Blog

  1. Alright, so Netrider has a blog facility and I'm a noob so why not write a blog entry as a noob and see what happens?

    I might as well start with a bit about me. I'm almost 40, very married with a teenage son, a job, mortgage and all the usual stuff that goes with being a middle-aged suburban white male. I decided to get my motorbike learner permit almost four months ago now after a mate introduced me to dirt bikes a couple of years ago and I realised that riding motorbikes was a whole lot of fun.

    I'd ridden a motorbike a couple of times as a teenager, but really I hadn't been anywhere near them before, as nobody in my family is a bike rider. Turns out my dad used to ride a Vespa back in the 60s but I'm not sure that really counts does it? Shrug.

    Anyway, I got my Ls in August 2012, found myself a nice used 2010 Yamaha XVS650 (VStar) which I bought mostly due to comfort and I've put in about 2,000 km on the way to getting my full licence. It only had 3,500km on the clock when I got it, so it was practically brand new. Do I love it? A little bit, yeah. I call her Beyonce because she sounds like a sewing machine due to the exhaust system... she's a Singer with a big arse.

    I'm currently working towards getting off my restrictions ASAP. That black and yellow plate seems to attract dickheads, so as soon as I can afford it, I'm off to do that test. In the meantime, I'll see if I can put up some blog entries about my experiences. If they're useful, great. If not, so be it.



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