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A mixed bag

  1. The long weekend sadly saw me out of the saddle for the majority of it as I had non motorcycling commitments elsewhere. However Monday arvo found me at home and I decided I had better to the nemesis of most motorcyclists....yep that's right.... good ol CHAIN MAINTENANCE! Well it couldnt have been easier. Chain was quite clean so I just gave it a going with Motul chain lube after a tighten and I then decided Id better hit the road for a ride! I happily cruised around town on it, having a blast. I copped a bit of traffic being the long weekend, most folks on their way home. I had crazy a P plate cager racing to beat me (why I dont know), changing lanes in front of me as I did because they slowed down. So I turned off down a side street and did the block, I came out on a different section of the road around the corner and there they were again, this time behind another vehicle. Plenty of distance so I pulled out and happened to look in the mirror, they were overtaking this vehicle madly and then tailgated me again, (I was doing the limit.) They flew around me again and then proceeded to pull the same stunt, so I slowed up, backed off them and rode at their speed, They kept getting slower, so I pulled over and let the others behind me go around, when the road had cleared I rode off again, I saw them pulled over further up. I laughed, turned down another side road and barreled away. I didnt see them again, I can only think it was a case of s**ts n gigs, but who knows. With my ride now back on track I headed around a couple of back streets, I stopped at a corner, and as I rode off some mad mongrel dog came out and nearly grabbed my left boot. Just when I thought things couldn't get worse, a dear little old lady flew out of her driveway, on her phone and didnt even look! Thanks to the awesome advice I have had on here and from the guys (and girls) at RideSmart North East, counter steering got me out of it, followed by an emergency stop. She and her nice shiny Mercedes continued on their merry way. I headed for home, I needed fresh undies!
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  1. Josiejames
    Great story. Thanks for sharing..lol..:)
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  2. cruisin4abruisin
    Sorry to hear you are crook Diantra, Yes thermals are a must in this weather. Thermals and leathers this morning and I was as warm as toast. Neck wasnt, so a neck warmer is on the cards. Mercedes?? really? LOL
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  3. Diantra
    ha ha ha Sounds like quite the adventure, glad you didn't scratch the Mercedes! I was locked indoors keeping warm and trying to rid myself of this dreaded lurgy! Ggggrrrr! Definitely won't go riding again without thermals in windy weather :)