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A Jet inspired scribble ...

  1. Mistress

    There are no words

    To adequately describe

    My feelings for you

    There you sit



    For me to see you

    Feel you

    Touch you

    Embrace you

    Own you completely

    That you may give me new feelings

    Feelings of release

    Of peace and promise

    Demanding no more

    Than I simply take you

    However and whenever I choose

    Never judging how I look

    But loving me in leather

    Never passing a word of criticism

    Not for fear of scolding

    Rather your total acceptance

    And pleasure

    At merely being in my presence

    No asking me to be better

    Unless by my own desire

    When I am with you

    No one else exists

    They are but a passing parade

    And we will not let them interfere

    With what we have

    Because they do not matter

    Thank you for finding me

    I have been waiting so long

    Thank you for loving me

    Without question

    Thank you for wanting me

    Just as I am

    I am

    Your devoted Mistress

    (c) Diantra 5 November 2015
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  1. Mick M
    Well said...
      Diantra likes this.
  2. RussellDP
    Nicely written. Lots of moments where if I didn't know you were talking about the bike, I might have been confused. But that's a good thing about the written word, letting the reader see in it what they each see.
      Diantra likes this.