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A day in the life

  1. First up I guess is the obligatory introduction...
    My name's Lee, I'm on the other side of 40 and I ride (for the next couple weeks anyway) a Sachs MadAss. I've been on my L's for the last 5 months and I am going for my P's on January 5th (luck be with me).
    When I first started riding, I was scared shytless!
    The reason?
    I come from a small town near Hudson Bay in Canada called Moosonee:
    where owning a car was kind of a redundant excersise. This meant I was never taught to drive.

    We rode dogsleds and snowmobiles, my first and only being a Kawasaki Invader:
    I didn't see the big city of Toronto till I was 16, and to be honest, that scared the shyt out of me too - so many cars/trucks/buses etc! Living in a remote town really spoilt me I think. I didn't want to have a bar of city/suburban living...

    .. fast forward..

    I came to Australia 12 yrs ago for a 3 month holiday. I decided to to stay and after playing ping pong with numerous visas - I was finally granted citizenship.

    .. fast forward..

    My workplace moved to a new industrial area where public transport does not exsist. I was pushbiking 1 1/2 hrs (sometimes a bit less) to get to work, taking a taxi now and again, or getting a lift from other work mates.
    I decided on a whim that I needed to become self reliant on the transport front, booked in for my pre-learners, and never looked back.
    I bought the MadAss as a commuter bike. I didn't want a scooter, but I didn't think I'd ever be able to handle a big girls bike either (that thought has changed now that I've ridden 87crisis' ZZR). So when I saw the 'Ass, I thought that it was a different looking bike, and the perfect alternative.
    It's been heaps of fun, but now I need something bigger. I want to go places and see Australia (well, at least NSW for now!)

    Stay tuned - ya never know what's going to pop up in this space!
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  1. waedwe
    probably the most interesting background story on the whole of netrider
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