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A Bit About Me

  1. Hi guys and girls of this awesome forum. I am a father of 3 amazing children who are just the best and my world. I run my own Engineering Plastics company with my brother. I had never ridden before until June this year and I am already hooked. I recently done a Skydive it was a truly amazing experience I would recommend it to anyone. Even if you think you will be scared of it you must just do it.I ride a CBR250R and even though I have about 11 months to go before I am off restrictions I am already looking for a bigger bike. If anyone wants to go for a ride anytime drop me a PM. Safe Riding everyone:)(y) .
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  1. Barbarella
    Im Barbara btw
  2. Barbarella
    Hey RedRobbo.....
    I hear you ......I was a late starter too... I've had my licence for two years now..... and I'm on my second bike..... I started on a Yamaha Virago(which I have kept for my daughter when she gets her L's) ..... and I upgraded to a Harley ..... just a little one..... the bike was number one on my bucket list ..... and sky diving was number two - and i still am yet to do that
    I love to ride my bike even tho it took a LONG time to actually get started ... for so many different reasons....
    I'm always looking for mid week rides as i work in hospitality and work weekends.... providing you dont mind riding with someone old and on a harley