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90kmh speed limit for learners red and green 'p's

  1. has a good ride Sydney to Canberra and back but as a restricted rider I'm pretty sure doing 90kmh on the Hume highway was more dangerous for me as an inexperienced rider and for other users trying to avoid me. V-double trucks and caravans etc passing me as if I'm standing still with associated wind blast, some passing within inches even when I moved left in my lane to help them. Also the extra fatigue due to time taken. The injury difference in a crash between 90 and 110can't be much. Silly law and when I'm unrestricted I suddenly increase my speed by 20kmh and no experience at safe passing etc. seems dumb
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  1. RazzleH
    Hmmm! Well son, when you have some time and experiences under your belt and you are considered to be a competent rider by those who have the responsibility of judging such skills, you may just about qualify to be amongst the competent riders who have done the hard yards and are licenced to ride on all of our roads. Stop crying about it and just get on with the hard yards that make pretenders into properly competent riders, hey!
  2. Oldmaid
    I agree entirely! I sort of get the rationale which on paper is fine and dandy but the reality is brown pants time.
    A lot of people who I have spoken to (without teenage kids that is) didn't know that L and red p platers are not legally allowed to go over 90km/hr. They are surprised.
    I used to do 110 on Ps with the thought that if I was doing the legal limit for the road unlikely to get pinged unless they were almost right behind me. On the side of the road HWP would totally ignore you.
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