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3am ... what a fabulous time for a newbie to practice

  1. So I could not resist the calling any longer ... I just had to have a ride along Beaconsfield Parade, so up at 3am it was. What a magical time to practice. Jet and I headed down to Elwood and then we travelled back to Port Melbourne, we actually got to use some higher gears! Whoo hoo! And now it's coffee time ... might even shower and shout myself breakfast on the way to work :) Happy Day :)
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  1. cruisin4abruisin
    I think thats what Ill be doing early Monday, might be a few late nights & early mornings Id reckon.
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  2. Diantra
    I'm hoping there's no cure Petesul :)
  3. Petesul
    Well, DiantraDiantra, you've proved you have the bug! No cure I'm afraid.....
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  4. Diantra
    ha ha ha No I was just getting frustrated at not being confident enough to go for a proper ride so decided this was the way to go :) Mind you I snuck back into bed for an extra hours sleep before work when I got back! And I think it might be an early night for me tonight :) ha ha ha
  5. chillibutton
    Good work - great way to avoid 90% of road morons! You must be an insomniac though lol...
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