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24 hours later

  1. I knocked off yesterday and bolted home. I geared up and fired up the bike and rode out. It was a good run, cruising the back streets, Getting smoother with the geared shift and rolling the throttle on. It felt unreal. The big single lumped away happily underneath me so I hit the road out of town for a bigger loop, I hit the 100 km Mark and it seemed effortless for the bike. I kept a mantra in my head of "relaxed arms, head up, look where you are going." I kept scanning and checking the mirrors and my speed. I stuck the bike away and went for tea, took the bike on my morning coffee run this morning and proceeded to ride through the back streets again. Getting more comfortable and confident wth the bike and where the controls are. Didn't want to stop. Bring on Friday arvo. Half day at work and the weather is looking ok for a ride. Wondering why it took me so long to get here Really. Pic is from this morning s run. View attachment 35043
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