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1st Ride with Pillion on Uncle Greg's EPIC Saturday

By Gooza, Jun 27, 2015 | |
  1. Well, after getting sick the other week after Chris's ride, said I'd wait till Spring to take Brad out again. Resolve didn't last long, as the weather looked half decent again given it's mid winter, so off we headed to Rowville.

    Some 15 or so riders, so another good turnout once again. Probably only my third attendance this year :-(

    Headed on the standard UG's route out near Cockatoo and then up to Gembrook for a pee. Then thru Launching Place and up to Healesville for late lunch. Sausage rolls and coffee/coke from the Beechworth Bakery - yum!

    We played TEC today, so got to take it easy bringing up the rear of the pack.

    Bradley loved it once again, kept urging me to overtake the newer guy in front like others where. Trying to explain to him that we are always last was simply a lost cause.

    Once again he was the perfect pillion, always staying with the bikes lean, no matter what the corner.

    We split off after lunch from the main group, to head back home, still another 1h 15m from Healesville.

    Back via Yarra Glen, Christmas Hills, Diamond Creek, and onto the Ring Road to home.

    Another great day out on the bike. Clocked up 20k on the old girl today.

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