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1st Group Ride with a Pillion - well, half a ride.

  1. Another first on Sunday, when I took Bradley with cjvfrcjvfr and co. on our first group ride as rider and pillion. Said I would wait till Spring when Bradley was more experienced, but out the door that went within weeks :)

    It was bloody freezing in Melbourne this morning, around 4c as we headed off, and me with a cold/flu to boot. Foggy as all getout, and super thick cloud just meaning it was gunna be cold, and fark all chance of seeing the sun before noon.

    Was a group of about 10 riders for a trip out towards Yea and back to Diamond Creek via Yarra Glen.
    It was so bloody cold, that I called it quits at Strath Creek. I was feeling ordinary, Brads nose was running, so game over. Said goodbye to the crowd, and headed in to the local store for a couple of dim sims and a coffee to warm us up for the ride back home. Sun finally stuck its head out about 1:00pm, finally thawing us out somewhat. Bradley handles the corners (there were not that many today) with no fuss at all, so he's really enjoying it. Now need to look to get winter gloves for him too. He was frozen like an ice block.

    View attachment 35305

    View attachment 35306

    Edit: Think the GPS is a bit dodgy. 250+ klicks Max Speed on my CeeBee 2 up, I don't think so.


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  1. cjvfr
    Probably not, stay inside for a while with a Hot Toddy. :)
  2. Gooza
    Yep, Figured as much. Will now wait till the weather warms up a bit to take the boy out again so far. My heads full of the cold, feel like crap. Going out yesterday was definitely not a smart move.
  3. cjvfr
    Fairly gentle run, We started to get into the cornering past Yea and then Marysville and the Black Spur. Stopped in Alexandra for a parma at the pub.