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100kms in.

  1. And loving it!
    Have been a bit down recently about my bike itself - it's really goofy looking and not the general commuter you see around. Not that there's more than a dozen people in total in my town who ride bikes on the road - but still.

    I've come to the conclusion that although she may not be pretty, or look "standard", she might be a garish bright orange and have just as many years as I do in age - but she's solid, reliable and a great bike to learn road craft on.

    Yesterday I had some Time in Lieu owing to me, so I took the day off work and went for a lengthy putt several thousand times around town.
    I am already looking toward my next bike - something with at least 250cc to be able to get me up to the legal highway limits so I can venture out of town safely.

    I was putting about when I began feeling tired, looked down at the trip meter and it said "96km" - well I of course had to round that number off to an even 100 before I went home. Ha!

    I am feeling fairly good about skills learned - even went down a dirt/gravel road yesterday - it felt a little unstable but I chose a good gear and went at the correct speed to feel comfortable. Another tick on the "first" list done!

    I am yearning for a riding partner - even finding myself doing laps up and down the few streets I might see other riders, however they're for the most part much older and not interested in some random learner on a 125cc ag bike. Ha.

    Before I even began riding, I knew I wanted a cruiser. The difficulty I am having is finding one that's not going to cost the earth, but will also get up to good highway speeds (and overtaking speeds) and possibly allow my Wife to pillion on the back in a year or so.
    Virago 250's seem reliable, but not nearly enough grunt. XV650's look good - but are all pretty pricey, even second hand.
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