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#01 Day one on two wheels...

By CDV013, Dec 15, 2013 | |
  1. Yesterday I rented a CBF250 from BikeScape on Parramatta Road and took my very first ride (after Pre-learners and a HART course at St Ives). Firstly a few laps around the back blocks of Annandale to get the basics top of mind again then back to Homebush for a quick coffee (and just in time to miss the rain shower which was perfect timing).

    View attachment 21293

    Then loaded with caffeine and a few deep breaths I headed north through Eastwood, Macquarie Uni, Terry Hills, Mona Vale, the Avalon bends and the out to Palm Beach for a bite to eat (a coke 'cause i'm on my L's) and to chill a while. What a fantastic feeling that we going around those bends up to Palm Beach for the first time on a bike! I so cannot wait to get out to the Blue Mountains and the Bells line of road and all those twisties soon hopefully on a Ninja 300 then...

    The way back to the shop was via Wakehurst parkway, Roseville bridge and Gladesville bridge (both bridges were a little freaky with the wind yesterday!).

    The odd thing that i didn't expect was getting some pretty serious cramps in my legs (inner thighs!) which meant I had to straighten my legs out whilst riding and pull over pretty damm fast.. too funny.

    Total trip was about 230 km apparently and I was physically and mentally stuffed but what a buzz.

    Looking to hire again over the Christmas break and hopefully catch up with the Homebush Saturday afternoon for the Sydney Learner Sessions with OzYoda.


    Day one on two wheels = Complete Success

    (I am hunting for a Ninja 300 ABS White preferably with Yoshi pipes)
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