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Where to buy a new Yamaha? (prefer SA)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Fredbear, Mar 30, 2011.



    Mar 30, 2011
    I'm looking at buying a new yamaha (tenere 660). I am happy to service myself later on, or at least find a "qualified" mechanic if it means keeping warranty initially, but I thought I should find a good dealer to buy from in case of warranty issues like the guys in japan/italy putting it together wrong or something.

    Anyhow I started to search forums for recommendations.
    Wow a lot of unhappy campers out there!! I suspect it maybe a case of only bad stories getting told.

    Sure I'd like a great deal on the purchase, but I rather find a dealer that will offer support if $%&* happens and a bearing falls apart or a $10,000 electronic blackbox dies etc.

    But it seems I might be looking for 'unobtainum' here in SA. If someone can recommend a Yammy dealer in SA great, or if not are there any good dealers in Vic or similar distance? that do a good deal, but also offer support if needed.

    TIA for any recommendations.

    PS maybe a thread with *** Positive *** experiences - maybe for each state - for newbikes / 2nd hand / parts / service / warranty etc list those that have gone above & beyond the minimum, would be good to have on here?

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